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Build your own nearshore tech team in Brazil,
Argentina, Mexico or Colombia

We help you scale your team of software engineers

We serve fast-growing companies looking to build a dedicated team of software engineers in Latin America. Our services range from providing professionals with relevant tech expertise, soft skills, and culture fit to integrating a nearshore team into your operations.


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Top-tier companies rely on us for nearshore software development


Rapid team launch. Long-term talent retention

Fast time to market

We will add LATAM developers to your team in a matter of 2-6 weeks. Our process is straightforward, without requiring any initial payments or commitments to long-term agreements before you have identified developers you want to work with.

Personalized candidate vetting

We will staff your team with top software engineers who match your criteria. We conduct a meticulous internal screening process that includes testing tech competence, culture fit, and English proficiency.

100% integration approach

You will be in full control over your nearshore development team, much like with your in-house staff. Your remote team members will be dedicated to your project and seamlessly integrated into your company operations and culture.

Comprehensive team administration

Our commitment goes beyond simply integrating developers into your team. We also strive to retain your staff throughout our cooperation. Your nearshore team members will receive a competitive salary and benefits package. Thanks to our policy, most of our engineers work with us on average for 3 years.


Fill IT talent gaps with engineers specializing in technologies you need

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Let's hear from our clients

Founder at FRST
«Very smart team. All the people has been involved so far, has been really really good. We got super experts on the frontend and backend, and we got one of the best data scientist that I had the pleasure to work with. Like all of these people are super smart and we are super happy to have them. I’m actually pretty happy about everything.»
Sebastian Heide
Data Analytics Company
«The team helped us to establish a second location in order to tap into another talent market. I can say they take care pretty much of everything and provides everything we might need to work with nearshore engineers in the best possible way. Additionally, I also see a great deal of openness in the communication both-ways. The guys give a lot of support with the challenges we’re facing.»
Jan Koschitzki
CTO at Flightright
“After almost a year of our cooperation, it’s clear that we have built a strong partnership. The team has found us awesome technology talents and proactively helped us to establish a powerful environment in their office. Together we have discovered new ways to reinvent my nearshore approach. The hiring process has an outstanding time to market, since it takes a maximum of 2 weeks from getting to know to the final decision.”
Timothy Fuller
Senior Program Manager at Encore
«The guys were very engaging. It was really a pleasure to work with these folks. The team was responsive and brought any blockers/bottlenecks to me as early as possible. All the engineers were very proactive – able to use just little guidance and then to build a brand from it. We were also very pleased with more than fair pricing and realistic timeline for the project to be done, that was suggested by the team.»


4 simple steps to build your nearshore team in LATAM

We gather requirements

We will arrange meetings with you to talk about your project specifics and requirements for the nearshore team. Our goal is to understand your needs to provide you with suitable candidates.

We screen talent

Our HR team dives into a pool of LATAM tech talent and handpicks candidates based on your criteria. Next, our HR experts meticulously interview these candidates, evaluating their technical skills, experience, cultural fit, and English proficiency.

You approve candidates

We present the most suitable candidates for a round of interviews with you. The decision to hire or veto them is always yours. For time-sensitive projects, we can provide candidates within 48 hours after our initial call.

Team launch

After you approve a candidate(s), they will be immediately added to your project. We will facilitate efficient communication and collaboration between you and your nearshore team and help you achieve full integration of both units.

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